Getting Authentic & Personal at the Radiance Retreat 2016

Last weekend I attended my first Radiance Retreat, hosted by the incredible Jen Sinkler, Neghar Fonooni, and Jill Coleman. It turned out to be the most profound and inspiring weekend I ever experienced.

Radiance Retreat 2016

What did I get out of the Radiance Retreat? So much more than I ever could have expected!

Connection. Authenticity. Acceptance. Courage. Passion. Purpose. Presence. Flow. Trust. Integrity. Support. Fulfillment. Permission. Reflection. New Friendships. New Experiences. Business & Mindset Tips. Puppy Snuggles. Movement. Yoga. Lifting Barbells & Kettlebells. Laughter. Hugs. Tears. Delicious Food & Drinks. So Many Tacos.

Basically, all amazing things.

Plus, I totally fell in love with the Pacific Ocean.

Ocean Swim
After our kettlebell workout session, I jumped into the ocean while wearing my gym clothes. I swam with the waves and it made me feel so completely alive.

I took my first ever surf lesson which I talk about in this post.

I also had a pretty interesting Airbnb experience which I talk about in this post.

But most importantly…

I showed up as ME.

For the first time in my life, I felt like I could truly be my authentic self around all the like-minded women at the retreat.


Without judgement.

Without filtering myself.

Without pretending to be someone I am not.

Without feeling the need to explain why I am looking or acting a certain way.

Never once did I put on any makeup. I had acne and a sunburn. I wore my glasses, not contacts. I wore no jewelry or earrings (because I forgot them at home, but still). I was completely comfortable in everything I wore.

Never once did anyone question me for my appearance or the things I said.

Everyone at the Radiance Retreat was truly radiant. I felt completely comfortable and happy to be in their presence.

I had deep, personal, supportive conversations with the women there. I connected with them on so many levels.

I was overflowing with love, support, and appreciation for these women, and they were mirroring that energy right back at me.

I discovered the true meaning of sisterhood.

Radiance Retreat 2016

I found my people.

I need to spend more time with my people.

I now know what it is like to have an abundance of positive, fulfilling, in-person friendships. Since I’ve been back home from the retreat, I find myself craving that connection in my daily life.

I am happy to be connected online with all the wonderful women I met, but it’s still not the same as the in-person interactions.

The day after getting home, the Women’s Fitness Summit registration opened up and I signed up immediately. I’m so excited to connect with the attendees, especially the ladies I met at the Radiance Retreat!

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