Strong with Purpose Manifesto

Strong with Purpose Manifesto

The Strong with Purpose Manifesto

  1. To live my life on purpose, pursuing my passions.
  2. To be grateful for & content with whatever I have, wherever I am.
  3. To continuously improve my physical & mental strengths.
  4. To read, learn, write, teach, & try new things.
  5. To empower, inspire, help, & train other women.
  6. To create with meaning & intention.
  7. To show up in my life as my most authentic self.
  8. To act with kindness, follow my intuition, overcome my fears, & take risks.
  9. To build & maintain strong friendships & relationships.
  10. To wander, travel, & explore the world a little bit at a time.

The Strong with Purpose Manifesto was created to define & guide the way I live my life. I’m intrinsically motivated to live by these principles, and they matter to me more than any extrinsic motivation. I’m confident that as long as I live my life by these principles, I will live a pretty happy and fulfilling life.

This is morbid, but it makes me happy: by living by these principles, I can be rest assured that whenever I die, I will have lived the life I want to live. Though I strive to live a healthy life, being alive is not a guarantee. There is no promise that I will live until a certain age. Death can happen at any time. No matter how long I live, I will know that as long as I live by these principles, I will not be full of regrets on my death bed. I will be happy and content that I lived the life I wanted to live, and I will be ready to accept death when it happens.

Don’t feel pressured to confine yourself to a traditional bucket list.

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