Are you tired of soulless website management?

Hi, I'm Kristen, a heart-centered soulful entrepreneur, and I would LOVE to be your one-stop-shop for graphic design, web design, and more!

I happily offer:

Full-Suite Website Design, Customization, Modification, Maintenance

Reliable Web Hosting Based in the Eastern USA

Custom Graphic Design for All Your Wildest Dreams!

I Provide Website Services for...

Brand New Website Creation

I would love to design, create, customize, and host your new website, complete with custom graphics.

Existing Website Modification

Do you need something (or many things) modified on your existing website? Want some new graphics to freshen things up? I would love to support your website. I can work with all kinds of websites, including WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Teachable, and more.

Website Technical Training Made Easy

I would love to teach you how to update your website, use a blog, or assist in showing you how to do anything related to your website. I can meet you exactly where you are, and adapt to your learning style. I can teach you the basics or answer specific technical questions.

Integrations & Troubleshooting

I can assist in integrating other platforms to function seamlessly with your website. I can also provide assistance in troubleshooting any issues you may be having with your current website and integrations.

SEO Analysis

I can analyze your existing website for search engine optimization, providing advice and improvements along the way.

Host Migration

I would love to migrate your existing website over to my hosting.

What Distinguishes My Services from the Rest? 

Other Providers

Strong with Purpose

Revisions? Upcharge.

Other providers have crazy up-charges for the normal process of going back and forth, sharing ideas, and requesting revisions. 

This is a co-creation!

I recognize the process of creating graphics and websites to be an interactive co-creation that requires adaptability and flexibility. The job isn't over until you're fully satisfied and so, so excited about the final graphics and/or website.

Hosting "Deals"

Other hosting providers give you an introductory discounted hosting rate for a certain number of months, and then at the end of that term, they jack up your rates without notifying you.

Pricing Transparency

You have full choice. Choose a flat rate monthly price for hosting, or choose to pre-pay for a year, two, or three.

Want backups? You're on your own.

Other providers do not include site backups, or if they do include them, they're way overpriced.

Site Backups are Included

I'll configure full backups for all sites hosted through me. If you ever need to restore your site to a previous version, you can reach out to me for support.

Site speed is unpredictable

Other providers place your site in an array of hundreds of other websites. Because of this, your website's speed and reliability are unpredictable. If lots of those other sites see a spike in traffic, your site could slow down or have an outage.

Site speed is reliable

Hosting is shared with only the few sites that I host. As I continue to add more websites, I will continue to monitor server usage and will scale up my server specfications accordingly so that your website will remain fast and stable.

Standard, inflexible packages

Other providers offer standard packages. If you don't fit into their exact boxes, it's too bad. This means you may have to settle for slightly less than what you wanted, or you may overpay so you can get that one extra feature you really need.

Fully customized to you

During the initial request and consult call, we'll get clear about your exact needs and wants. I'll create a quote plan that is fully customized so it's exactly what you want and need. We'll make sure to be super clear about what is included in your custom package.

They don't care.

Big companies don't know your business and they don't care about you. When you reach out to them for support, you're often met by a chat bot or an overseas employee that you'll never talk to again.

I care about you & your business!

I am one real person. I'm committed to working directly with self-employed entrepreneurs that have purposeful businesses. When you reach out to me for support, you will be met with great care, urgency, & attention. No problem is too small!

Let's work together - Strong with Purpose

Are we a match made in heaven?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering me for your website and graphic design needs! I would love to hear from you and discuss how we can move foward working together!