Slow Down: Lessons from a Turtle

Slow Down Turtle - Inspirational Art by Strong with Purpose

Slow Down: Lessons from a Turtle. 🐢

One of the most common things I hear is, “Slow down.” Personally, I need this reminder often, but I don’t always want to hear it. I made this cute lil turtle to help inspire me to honor my needs.

It feels like healing can happen so fast at the soul level, but it’s this slow, integrative, sustainable, patient, *boring* process that brings that healing down into the physical body, into your lived experience.

It seems like those times that we want things to go faster are the times we need to slow down the most.

…And usually, that’s the last thing we want to hear.

When the standard pace of the world can be an attack upon the senses, it’s more important than ever to prioritize the health of our nervous systems & our inner peace.

Some of the ways I like to slow down:

🐢Setting down my phone, leaving it far away from me, in another room, or in airplane mode

🐢Setting aside the to-do list, the checklists, & the desire to do all the things & ~be productive~

🐢Being outside in nature, immersing myself in the experience, touching & smelling a plant, gazing at the trees & clouds

🐢Breathing into my body, tracking the sensations, & being present with what is arising

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