How to Transcend Your Desires

How to Transcend Your Desires

How to Lessen Your Attachments and Transcend Your Desires - Strong with Purpose

Everyone has desires. The majority of humans live our lives moving from one desire to the next.

Yet, even when we get what we want, we still feel unfulfilled. We get what we thought we wanted, but we don’t feel how we imagined we would.

Sound familiar?

The answer to this problem is both simple and complicated. We need to come to a deeper understanding of our desires. Only then are we capable of transcending them.

I know what you’re thinking. “I don’t want to transcend my desires. I just want what I want.”

But oftentimes, it’s not the object of our desires that we actually want. It’s actually something else that we need—and that’s often something a little less tangible, yet something that is still entirely real.

But still, humans put trillions of dollars each year into dozens of different industries that all take our money in a futile effort to fulfill our desires.

And still, we feel unhappy, unfulfilled, unsatisfied. We get, achieve, or experience one thing and immediately begin searching for the next thing to add to our list.

Desires create expectations and expectations create disappointments. And so we go on living in an endless cycle of desires, expectations, and disappointments.

But what if there was a better way? (Spoiler alert: There is a better way.)

I ask you to join me wholly in this self-exploration.

You can go through this process by downloading my free workbook on How to Transcend Your Desires.

Free Workbook on How to Transcend Your Desires - Strong with Purpose

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If you need additional guidance after going through the workbook yourself, you can contact me for an intuitive coaching session over Skype; I would love to help you work through the specifics of your desires. You can also chat or speak with a clairvoyant or someone you trust, like a counselor, family member, or friend.

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