What’s Your Annual Story?

What’s Your Annual Story?
What's Your Annual Story - Strong with Purpose

Sure, the beginning of a new year might be the most popular time to make resolutions… but realize that you never have to wait until a certain date to make positive change in your life.

And before you move forward into the future, allow yourself the time to pause and deliberately reflect upon the previous year.

Writing an annual story is one method you can use to reflect upon the recent events in your life.

Remember that you don’t have to reflect at the end of the calendar year. You can use your birthday, or you could use any other month that feels significant for you as the end/beginning of a new cycle.

When you’re ready to write your annual story, think through each month that passed. It may help to look back through old journal entries you wrote or photos you took at the time.

Here are some example questions to inspire what you write about each month:

  • What were your biggest lessons learned?
  • What do you most want to remember?
  • What was the most significant aspect?
  • What were your fondest moments?
  • What was your overall experience?
  • How did you heal and grow?

For the purpose of this exercise, you can aim to write one sentence about each month.

Try to write from the perspective of your soul rather than your ego.

Writing your annual story might inspire you to write about something specific in fuller detail. It can be a solid entry point into deeper introspective work through writing.

If you notice your words going in one direction far more than others, allow yourself to go with that flow!

Here’s my annual story for 2019:

  1. January arrived with fear, hesitation, and worry,
  2. February spectacularly illuminated what could no longer be ignored,
  3. March danced with delusion,
  4. April discovered truth and began spiraling into its depths,
  5. May serendipitously found her soul family,
  6. June decorated herself with the scent of holy basil, recounted fond memories, and created new ones,
  7. July brought musical nostalgia, death, pain, and joy with family,
  8. August shined brightly and gave her the courage to take action; through it, she found freedom,
  9. September delivered gifts of bountiful bliss and connection,
  10. October carried her home to herself, to points of reflection, and to tough decisions,
  11. November catapulted her into hope, new depths of feeling, and great progress in healing,
  12. December soared her to unfathomable heights through shamanic journeys and Akashic glory.

What’s your annual story? Share it in the comments below!

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