Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light
Shine Your Light - Strong with Purpose

Let the light within you shine radiantly.

Show up, do your work, and shine your light in the world.

Fully embody your true self without fear.

Shine brightly and freely without dimming your light.

Be present with compassion and hold space for others without judgment.

Expand your light outwards with love, awareness, and healing.

Spread your light and kindness throughout every interaction possible.

When confronted, choose to respond with peace and understanding.

Boldly radiate light and healing to all who interact with you.

Infuse your light in all that you do by acting with loving intentions.

Breathe slowly and envision your entire body being filled with light.

Imagine this light spreading onward and outward, as far as you can conceive.

Shine your light in the world with loving confidence.

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