Validate Your Own Self-Worth

Validate Your Own Self-Worth
Validate Your Own Self-Worth - Strong with Purpose

You do not need to validate your worth outside of yourself.

Take a deeper look at your life. Notice all the situations where you never feel good enough.

Start to recognize how the same pattern has played out in many different situations throughout your life.

Begin to realize which friendships and relationships in your life make you feel like you’re not good enough.

Allow yourself to completely let go of those situations, friendships, and relationships. They never truly fulfilled you and you don’t need them anymore.

Release your attachment to the outcomes of all scenarios where you are trying to prove your worth.

Seeking your self-worth outside of yourself is an endless cycle. It is like climbing up a hill—yet, you’ll never make it to the top, because there’s nothing there. It is an illusion.

When you seek to prove your self-worth to others, you will find yourself constantly dissatisfied.

You do not need any external validation.

Allow yourself to stop seeking your worth externally.

You are inherently enough, whole, worthy, and complete exactly as you are.

You do not need to prove your worth to anyone.

Choose to validate your own self-worth.

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