How Tailwind Changed the Way I Use Pinterest Dramatically

How Tailwind Changed the Way I Use Pinterest Dramatically - Strong with Purpose

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At first I was skeptical about using a pin scheduler. I knew that Pinterest had some crazy magic reach powers, but I wasn’t actually using Pinterest as a business. I was just being a regular user, spending most of my time scrolling and saving other people’s pins. In my several years of using Pinterest and also running a blog, I had only created a couple pins for my own blog posts.

My Pinterest habits completely changed when I started using Tailwind’s free trial.

When I hear “free trial” I immediately think you’ll get access to something for a week, then you’ll get billed for some higher amount that you didn’t know about, because you had to provide credit card info to get access to the trial… no thank you!

Luckily, Tailwind’s free trial is unlike all the other shady free trials out there. Your first 100 pins are free, and there’s no time limit to use them. I was happy to sign up for a chance to try Tailwind with no obligation.

But then I totally fell in love with Tailwind! I used up my 100 pins in under 2 months. I was hooked, and I signed up for a year of Plus! Haha.

Instead of randomly and sporadically saving other people’s pin’s, I started pinning intentionally. I created lots of pins, and I got better at making them look good.

I used Tailwind’s interval and board list features to schedule pins to multiple boards with a schedule spanning across many months.

I joined multiple Tailwind Tribes. I connected with other bloggers, and shared their high-quality content.

I shared my content to multiple Tailwind Tribes—but I will admit that I haven’t fully utilized them! Tailwind allows you to submit 30 pins per month to tribes, and I did not even get close to that. Despite that, I still had some decent results:How Tailwind Changed the Way I Use Pinterest Dramatically - Tailwind Tribe Reach

I also created a new tribe to connect with fellow bloggers, so feel free to join! => Mindfulness & Healing with Purpose

Tailwind didn’t just change my Pinterest habits, it changed my blogging and business habits as well.

When I started seeing serious jumps in my pin impressions and blog traffic, I knew there was so much potential for how I could grow my blog through Pinterest. As I started creating pins for my blog posts, it led to more ideas, which led to more blog posts, and more pins! It created a super productive cycle.

Tailwind gave me the hope that I could leave my desk job and focus on my business full-time—and that’s exactly what I did!

Using Tailwind gave me a way to have a fun and productive workflow for creating blog content and pins. Before I left my full-time job, I was excited to have added 30 pins in my Tailwind queue. Within my first month of the full-time entrepreneurial life, I had over 100 pins in my queue.

Now, I have over 500 pins in my Tailwind queue! Talk about passive automation. It feels good to have so many pins scheduled in advanced. I’m never “done” pinning; I’m always creating new content and filling in the open time-slots in my schedule.

I’m going on a month-long vacation, and I couldn’t be happier to say that Tailwind will be publishing pins for me every single day I’m there. I’m excited to be able to enjoy the trip while still keeping my Pinterest account active!

So, let’s look at some numbers, shall we?

How are your monthly Pinterest viewers? The data from Pinterest Analytics below shows a monthly trend of people who saw and engaged with all my pins from May 2018 to October 2018. As you can see, once it started taking off upwards, it spiked straight up, and then straight down. I started at ~20k monthly users, reached a high of ~850k monthly users, and then it equalized at a new normal around ~100k monthly users. Now, the trend line is still going upwards, but it’s not going straight up. This is a good sign of more sustainable growth. I’m currently sitting at ~390k monthly users.

How Tailwind Changed the Way I Use Pinterest Dramatically - Pinterest Analytics

Like the weather, traffic heats up and cools down. It spikes, and then it calms down and finds a new normal.

Sometimes a pin will take off quickly and cool down quickly. Other times it won’t take off until weeks or months after it has been posted. It’s up to chance, but you do have some control in the process. The more focus you put into your pinning efforts, the better rewards you will see.

How are your Pinterest followers? I went from 0 to ~600 followers in 5 months, and my follower count has recently been increasing more rapidly.

How is your actual blog traffic? Pinterest is now my #1 referrer. My blog went from having just 100-200 visitors a month to having a few thousand visitors. My best month so far has been September 2018 where I had over 7k site visitors.

How Tailwind Changed the Way I Use Pinterest Dramatically - Blog Traffic

How are you making any money? I use MagicLinks to create custom affiliate links in order to monetize my blog posts. I’m also an affiliate through ShareASale, and I have online art stores on Zazzle and Redbubble.

How much are you actually pinning? Right now I’m scheduling about 2-5 pins per day. I’ve read about people having success with posting A LOT more pins than that, but I’m aiming to have a pin schedule that stretches out farther in time before I start posting more pins per day. It just goes to show that small, continuous efforts can produce great results, and there’s always more room to grow.

My experience with Tailwind has been a complete game-changer for my blog and business.

I don’t always know which direction I’m going with my content, but one certainty is that Tailwind will continue to play a huge part in the process.

Whether you’re a Pinterest newbie or expert, there is so much that Tailwind can do for your business. Sign up for your free trial now!

Hey there, thanks for reading! Check out my follow-up post, How I Exploded My Pinterest Growth in My First Year of Using Tailwind.

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