Ballycarberry Castle: Beauty in Ruins

In the 16th century, Ballycarberry Castle was constructed at the site of 14th century structure. Its location is Ballycarbery East, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

I spotted the castle in the distance, taking up only a fraction of my vision. It was slightly elevated on a hill, and it looked incredible. “That’s the one,” I told Joel.


Ballycarberry Castle


Winding narrow roads led to a small parking area. We exited the car to notice someone had a baby lamb and was letting people hold it. There was no entrance fee for this castle, but I held the baby lamb for a small fee.


Ballycarberry Castle


After the lamb excitement subsided, I was drawn to the castle and its magnificent-looking plants and vines.
We walked closer and ventured into a dark room. It was so cool, if not a little creepy.
We went to the backside of the castle and navigated up rough, but beautiful steps.


Ballycarberry Castle


Ballycarberry Castle may be in ruins, but its natural beauty has only improved with time.

We carefully stepped around the whole area. I was in awe at how the plants, grasses, and flowers integrated so naturally with this castle. There were windows with still-gorgeous views of rolling hills.
Ballycarberry Castle
It was simply incredible to walk around on this castle.  While other castles we had visited were in a more restored state, this castle was basically abandoned. But oh, was it ever my favorite! I admired the way the stones laid to make up the walls. I loved how nature was not just around the castle, it was essentially a part of it.
Ballycarberry Castle
More Nearby
Stone Forts
If you’re interested in stone forts, there are two within close proximity to Ballycarberry Castle. They are:
  • Leacanabuaile Stone Fort, Kimego West, Emlagh, Co. Kerry, Ireland
  • Cahergall Stone Fort, Ballycarbery East, Co. Kerry, Ireland

There is a beach called Whitestrand located about 7 minutes west of Ballycarberry Castle.

If you find yourself hungry when you check out this castle, you could check out a nearby restaurant that we loved. The Fertha is located at 20 Main St, Cahersiveen, Co. Kerry, Ireland, which is just 8 minutes away from Ballycarberry Castle. Their Irish stew was incredibly delicious and the most memorable dish I enjoyed in Ireland.

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