Love Quotes

Inspiring Love Quotes - Strong with Purpose

Love Quotes Hey there, I hope you enjoy this artwork I made with quotes about Love! Love is the way. It’s the journey and the destination. Choose Love. We are all Love. Love is stronger than fear. For much more information about how this is true, read this post: How to Choose Love and Connection …

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How to Choose Love and Connection Over Fear and Division

How to Choose Love and Connection Over Fear and Division - Strong with Purpose

How to Choose Love and Connection Over Fear and Division I asked the Akashic Records, “How can humanity overcome our current struggles with polarization of all issues and of cancel culture?” Below is the response I channeled. The Akashic Records addressed: The problems with polarization and cancel culture How to shift our perspectives and utilize …

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Shift Your Perspective

Shift Your Perspective Watercolor Quote Art - Strong with Purpose

Shift Your Perspective Zoom out. Expand your awareness. We are all connected. We are all one planet, one species, one human race. Our interconnectedness, or oneness, is undeniable. To deny it is to destroy ourselves. To choose violence, division, war, destruction—over unity, peace, love, and understanding—is to destroy ourselves. Shift your perspective to adopt a …

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Choose Peace, Love, & Unity

Choose Peace, Love, & Unity Watercolor Quote Art - Strong with Purpose

Choose Peace, Love, & Unity You have a choice in every moment. You have a choice during every interaction. True power cannot be found through domination, but through connection. Everything is connected, and connection is everything. Peace is more powerful than conflict. Love is more powerful than hatred. Unity is more powerful than division. Let’s …

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024: Navigating Egoic Reactions

Sure Uncertainty Podcast Episode 24 - Navigating Egoic Reactions

024: Navigating Egoic Reactions In this episode, Kristen shares: How to understand the ego’s involvement in our behaviors and reactions; How to acknowledge, understand, and integrate all aspects of our selves; How to release our attachment to seek validation and approval from others; How to navigate the egoic reactions of comparison, jealousy, anger, and aggression; …

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Watercolor Quote Art

Watercolor Quotes - Graphic Design by Strong with Purpose

I hope these quotes help infuse a little extra love, light, & mindfulness into your daily life! See All Watercolor Quotes Here My Spreadshirt store has all my best friends art. Browse Spreadshirt Store My Redbubble store has my largest collection of 200+ designs uploaded. Browse Redbubble Store My Spring store has my latest …

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