Prioritize Your Joy

Prioritize Your Joy - Strong with Purpose

Prioritize Your Joy Do you constantly try to please everyone around you? Do you put the desires of others before your own? Do you struggle to find time to experience your own happiness? You are allowed to prioritize your own joy. What do you most enjoy doing? What fills you with joy? Pursue what brings …

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018: Joy, Expression, & Goals

Sure Uncertainty Episode 18 - Joy, Expression, & Goals

018: Joy, Expression, & Goals Topics this week include: How we’re doing Thanksgiving and Black Friday differently this year, how we’re avoiding impulse shopping, and how we’re striving to purchase natural and sustainable products; Laurel’s existential crisis, and the ways she’s trying to find joy and creative expression; How Kristen is finding joy through playing …

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10 Benefits of the High-Vibe Crystal Cavansite

Benefits of the High-Vibe Crystal Cavansite - Strong with Purpose

In a list of top 100 high energy healing crystals, Cavansite jumped out at me. I was initially drawn to Cavansite due to its striking appearance. Cavansite is a vibrant blue color—peacock blue, as some would call it. It happens to be one of my favorite colors. Communicating with Your Cavansite Sure, lists of crystal …

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