Pre-Meet Thoughts: Michigan APF State Meet

It’s Wednesday, merely 48 hours before my 2nd APF/AAPF powerlifting meet. So far this week I have had ingrown toe surgery, been to the chiropractor, and received a deep tissue massage. Now I just need to pack all my gear, do some more mobility work, foam rolling, and maybe even take a contrast shower. Please note that I would NOT recommend getting any kind of surgery the week of your meet! Unfortunately, it was unavoidable for me. My toe is in some serious pain, so I’m really hoping it will heal soon. It has been 5 days since I last lifted… I miss the barbell! But alas, I will be on the platform soon enough.

The Michigan state records were updated yesterday, now showing my bench press and deadlift numbers from my first meet. The national records were also updated, and I was so excited to see my name listed! I’m now a state and national record holder in the APF women’s Junior 20-23 age class, 75kg weight class. Squee!!

Here's the medal I won in my first ever powerlifting meet!
Here’s the medal I won in my first ever powerlifting meet!

During my first meet, I felt so much nerve-wracking anxiety. My nerves were seriously going crazy. I put a lot of pressure on myself to set those state and national records. I became even more stressed out when I missed 2 of my 3 bench press attempts due to re-racking the bar too soon. In the end, I did set records, and now my goal is to break those records. I’m truly hoping I’ll be able to calm down a little more during this meet. I have been practicing the cues a lot with my coach so I am hoping that will help with my confidence on the platform.

I also plan to improve my nutrition on meet day. Last time, I attempted to eat cold, dry, tasteless chicken breasts, rice/quinoa, protein bars, apples, and oranges. I had a horribly impossible time eating the chicken, throwing most of it away. This time, I prepped some delicious meatballs for my protein that I would enjoy eating either warm or cold. I have a new IsoBag from Isolator Fitness which will help keep all my meals cold throughout both days. I also have additional Blender Bottles to prep all my preworkout and shakes in advance.

Yes, I said “both days”. On Friday I am doing raw push/pull (Bench/Deadlift), and on Sunday I am doing classic raw full power (Squat/Bench/Deadlift), which includes knee sleeves on the squat. I am going to give it my all on Friday to break my records. I do not plan on going all out on Bench/Deadlift on Sunday unless my body made a miraculous recovery, haha! I just really want to squat in a meet for the first time and get my first total, and to get the experience of doing all 3 lifts in one day.

So, here’s to another solid meet in the books. It is my last APF/AAPF meet in the Junior 20-23 age class, as my 24th birthday is in July. No matter what happens, I will be proud of myself that I went forth and made the effort to compete.

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