Post-Meet Thoughts: First USAPL Powerlifting Meet

This was my first USAPL powerlifting meet, as I previously competed in 3 APF/AAPF meets. My only goal was white lights (successful lifts). It all began with a 4am wake-up and subsequent 1.5 hour solo drive to Midland, MI. The roads were completely empty and it was a breeze of a drive, though it would have been better if I wasn’t completely exhausted. I went to bed at 8pm the previous night but had a hard time falling asleep, and then woke up too early. Jamming to dancehall music got me through the last half hour of the drive! I arrived early, wandered around, checked in, got my equipment checked, and weighed in. They had 2 platforms, one for men and one for women. I was placed in Flight C which was the last women’s flight. The meet started 1 hour late and it was a looong day!

The Stats: Went 9/9, made every lift!!!

  • Squat: 57.5kg / 126.75# – Lifetime PR (6.75# past my previous PR)
  • Bench Press: 45kg / 99# – Meet PR (16.5# past my previous meet PR, 6# under my lifetime PR)
  • Deadlift: 97.5kg / 214.75# – Lifetime PR (5# past my previous PR)
  • Total: 200kg / 440.75#!
So happy!
So happy!

I guess I made way more progress in the past month than I thought, because I felt like I could’ve added more weight to all my 3rd attempts. The photographer told me, “I was trying to really capture everyone’s face of struggle, but you didn’t really struggle at all.” Several people told me, “You made that look easy.” The head judge was seriously disappointed I did not add put more weight on the bar for my deadlift. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the next few months play out in the gym! I don’t think I should have a problem making the 450# club at my work gym next month.

This was my best meet yet and the first time I have ever gone 9/9 making every one of my lifts. At my previous meets, I always had issues either missing the judge’s commands or picking attempts that were too heavy. This time I nailed both and it felt amazing. Ironically, this is the first time I have ever not received a medal of some kind, because the competition was fantastic! It was about so much more than getting a medal, it was about doing my personal best.

I should have a ton of photos back from the photographer within a week and I’m so excited to see and post them! 😀

I got a cupcake with my face on it and it was green like my singlet!
I got a cupcake with my face on it and it was coincidentally green like my lifting costume!

The Bad: I didn’t pack enough food, forgot my debit card, didn’t have any cash, and my phone died early. I bought as much food as I could with spare change that was in my car. After I finished lifting for the day, I did not feel good at all. I took too much preworkout and didn’t eat any meat all day. I crashed HARD. I drank sooo much water and made it through it due to the kindness of some people who gave me turkey jerky, bananas, apples, and more. I stayed at the meet a lot later than I planned because it took me a long time to feel normal again. Lesson learned! The drive home was rough too. I just wanted a steak and a nap! Luckily I made it home with the motivation from listening to some more dancehall music.

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