Shift Your Perspective

Shift Your Perspective
Shift Your Perspective Watercolor Quote Art - Strong with Purpose

Zoom out.

Expand your awareness.

We are all connected.

We are all one planet, one species, one human race.

Our interconnectedness, or oneness, is undeniable. To deny it is to destroy ourselves.

To choose violence, division, war, destruction—over unity, peace, love, and understanding—is to destroy ourselves.

Shift your perspective to adopt a willingness to act with humility and compassion.

Choose a narrative of connectedness, oneness, & similarity over a narrative of individuality, conflict, & misunderstanding.

It is only our human perspective of time that limits what we currently experience.

Shift your perspective to understand the power of peace, love, & connection is stronger than the power of greed, hatred, and separation.

Shift your perspective and open your heart.

Shift Your Perspective Watercolor Quote Art - Strong with Purpose

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