Awaken Your Inner Child

Awaken Your Inner Child
Awaken Your Inner Child - Strong with Purpose

Allow yourself to awaken your inner child.

Kindly and patiently connect with your inner child.

Choose to take this opportunity to re-parent yourself in the ways you’ve always needed.

Tune into the needs of your inner child.

What were you deprived of as a child?

What did you always want when you were a child?

With gentleness and curiosity, think about certain events in childhood that may still be negatively affecting you.

Allow yourself to write about your feelings in a journal.

In this present moment, explore how you can meet the deepest needs and wants of your inner child.

Decide to wholeheartedly pursue the healing of your inner child.

Choose to give yourself what you weren’t given as a child.

Allow yourself to forgive everyone who may have mistreated you.

Give yourself all the quality time, energy, and attention that you may need.

Love yourself unconditionally and validate your own self-worth.

You are seen. You are heard. You are understood. You are loved.

Intentionally keep your inner child alive, awake, and thriving.

Choose to indulge in playfulness, laughter, curiosities, and joyful activities at every opportunity.

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