013: On Anxieties, Sobriety, & Forgiveness

Sure Uncertainty Anxieties Sobriety Forgiveness013: On Anxieties, Sobriety, & Forgiveness

Topics this week include:
  • Laurel’s 3-year sobriety birthday;
  • On consent, and how “no” is a complete sentence;
  • [Trigger Warning] Dealing with the trauma of sexual assault, and how we can work through forgiveness internally;
  • Our thoughts on pre-experiencing/pre-feeling emotions;
  • Kristen’s experience with sound healing;
  • Laurel’s plans and anxiety around her trip to Chicago;
  • We drew a tarot card at the end of the episode: 5 of Discs / 5 of Earth card. This is the Lord of Worry, and is right on topic with our talk about anxiety, fear, and confidence.
Kristen and Laurel created Sure Uncertainty to share messy, vulnerable, and insightful explorations into the uncertainties of life and so much more.

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