008: Flowing Through Our Transformations

Sure Uncertainty 008: Flowing Through Our Transformations

008: Flowing Through Our Transformations

Topics this week include:
  • Big changes in both our lives: Kristen quitting her desk job to pursue her purposes, and Laurel feeling more emotionally stable;
  • How we’re flowing through our days;
  • The value of forgiving ourselves while learning to trust ourselves;
  • Our eating disorder recovery stories, how they intertwine with our self-love journeys, and the stories around our bodies;
  • The joy we’re both finding through gardening;
  • Astrological happenings: The Moon in Pisces – a symbol of water, death, & rebirth

Kristen and Laurel created Sure Uncertainty to share messy, vulnerable, and insightful explorations into the uncertainties of life and so much more.

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