006: Craniosacral Therapy & Chiron in Aries

Craniosacral Therapy

006: Craniosacral Therapy & Chiron in Aries

In this episode we discuss:

  • Chiron in Aries, Saturn in Retrograde, multiple planets in Capricorn, and what it all means astrologically;
  • Kristen’s progress with physical therapy, chiropractics, and craniosacral therapy;
  • Laurel’s progress with seeing a neurologist, changing medications, getting treatments for hyperhydrosis, and obtaining an alpha-stim unit;
  • Our experiences with hormonal birth control, and Kristen’s choice to stop taking it;
  • Dealing with uncertainty as an entrepreneur
Kristen and Laurel created Sure Uncertainty to share messy, vulnerable, and insightful explorations into the uncertainties of life and so much more.

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