Writing with Purpose

I’m mostly enjoying my damn-near-daily writing practice. I just write—even when the question instantly frustrates me, or when I have no idea where to start.

It’s writing with purpose. I write with full honesty and no judgement, even for the weakest parts of myself. I’m troubleshooting my own mind, body, and my relationship with food, one word at a time.

Many of us have had negative experiences and traumas that still influence our thoughts and behaviors unconsciously. You may remember the exact event that triggered something within yourself, or you may have buried that memory somewhere deep down in an attempt to be shielded from its pain. You may have been influenced by years of a family member conditioning you into thinking something is true.

No matter the situation, digging deeper within yourself and writing (and crying) through your thoughts and feelings can be valuable for moving on. It is a painful and emotional process, but it can be transformative. Understanding and working through our emotional wounds can lead to positive, lasting shifts in our thoughts and behaviors over time.

Daily Stoic Journal

After saying I wanted to write daily for 2 years, these are the key steps that finally made the habit stick for me:

  • I abandoned the all-or-nothing idea that I would have to do it every single day. I say “damn-near-daily” because some days I write additional entries, and other days I trade writing time for more dog snuggles or meditation. It all works out.
  • I acquired some erasable colored gel pens that I really like using.
  • I keep my journal on the kitchen table where I write in the morning after breakfast. I do most of my writing in the morning, but sometimes after dinner, I move the journal to my nightstand where I’ll do some more in the evening.

The process of healing and recovery is a long and continuous one, but it a worthwhile pursuit. I believe that everyone could greatly benefit from doing this type of inner work.

Do you have a regular writing practice, or would you like to have one? Is there something in your mind keeping you stuck in a certain thought pattern, preventing you from moving forward? Please feel free to reach out to me, and I will do my best to help.


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