Flowing with Uncertainty

“Existence cannot be forced to go according to you; it flows in its own way. If you can flow with it, you will be positive. If you fight with it, you will become negative and the whole cosmos around you will turn negative.” —Osho

This morning, it was so cold that it felt like negative 20 degrees. My boyfriend’s car battery died so the car wouldn’t start. It was blocking my car in the garage, so neither of us could go to work. He called roadside assistance, but it would be 4 hours before they could get here.

My boyfriend was worried that I was going to be upset that he had parked in the driveway and blocked me in—but I simply told him, “It’s all good! I don’t mind at all,” and continued on with my day as if nothing was wrong… because really, there was nothing wrong!

By default, I wasn’t worried or stressed at all. I took some extra time to do my morning writing, changed out of my work clothes, texted my bosses that I couldn’t come in, snuggled my dogs, and began this now-free day, which I was so grateful for.

The only way that something could have been “wrong” with this situation is if I would have been resistant to it—but I felt no resistance at all.

My mind isn’t always able to be this positive and accepting—it’s much more of a challenge around the time of my hormonal cycle. Still, it feels like progress.

When your mind is positive, flowing with all the uncertainties of life can feel like relaxation instead of stress or worry.

You can choose to see the world how it is instead of how you think it ought to be. Once you allow yourself to flow with the circumstances of life, you can relax. If your mind isn’t creating problems of its own invention, you won’t feel internal resistance to a particular situation.

The river is flowing. Flow with it.

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