Be Here Now

Be Here Now

Be Here Now Digital Art - Strong with Purpose

“Be here now,” I thought, “but HOW?”

How could I be where I was, living in the suburbs, when I wanted to live in the country, build a natural home, create a retreat-like space for people to gather, have my own garden, and allow the dogs to run around freely?

As nice as that all sounded, it was just a bunch of desire.

This summer was a limbo between the two places. Always with a suitcase half-full, uncomfortable, forgetting something, unable to feel at peace. I bottled up so much anger and resentment over it. I tried to turn it into productive energy. I wanted to feel like I was making progress towards the goal, but it wasn’t flowing at all. I could research materials all day, but it didn’t change the fact there wasn’t a single knowledgeable natural builder in the area. I could dream and make amateur designs of what I wanted to build, but it all just felt so unfruitful. Then I realized the adjacent field was farmed conventionally with pesticides, and there was no way we could purchase it or make them stop. That was it for me; it was all the NOPE.

I got the message. And so I decided to really be HERE. I shifted my perspective and I stopped fixating on my desires. And with that choice, some magic happened…

The dogs now have a little fence in the backyard so they can run around in the grass.

I found a fantastic chiropractor close to home. Suddenly I was entirely capable of making that short drive 3x/week to get the healing I needed.

Then I found my kindred soul / intuitive healer / massage therapist super close to home. I’m so grateful for our connection, and my heart bursts with all the love, healing, and inspiration I get from our time together.

Now, I’m no longer in severe pain every day.
Now, I no longer focus on “when” things will change.
Now, this is truly home. I AM here now. 100%. All in.

Now is now. Are you going to be here or not? —Osho

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