Try Not to Have Too Much Fun

“Try not to have too much fun,” he yelled at me as I walked out of the office.

My response: “Ha.”

My actual thoughts: “Yeaaaah, no, how about I go and have as much fun as I damn well please?”

It may seem like a harmless comment, but it really got me thinking.

That day, I had gone to lunch with a couple coworkers and I laughed until my core was sore.

I later laughed so hard at something that I brought myself to tears.

While I drove to the gym, I blasted some ridiculous music and sang at the top of my lungs.

I arrived at the gym and had a fantastic (and fun) workout.

I went home and played with my puppy, giving him all the belly scratches he demanded and letting him give me a snuggle attack.

I went grocery shopping with my boyfriend and laughed almost the entire time as we made weird jokes and messed with each other. I think we definitely got some strange looks, but I didn’t pay much attention or care, because it was so fun that it didn’t matter.

On the way to and from the grocery store, we listened to an amusing Audible book which caused us to burst into laughter.

On a different day, my boyfriend and I were walking into the grocery store as we laughed and joked with each other. A lady told us, “No one should have that much fun grocery shopping!” I laughed and said, “Haha yeah, actually we do!”

When I cook, clean, do laundry, dishes, or take a shower, I like to listen to music, sing, and dance. Because why the hell shouldn’t those activities be fun? You don’t have to endure a boring, hallow chore when you have the opportunity to have some fun with it.

If I have the choice between fun and boredom, I will choose fun. I’m not saying that every single activity is and should be fun 100% of the time because that is simply not true. But still, you mostly have a choice. Even if you’re feeling down, doing something weird or silly might cheer you up.

I love to bring fun into mundane things when I have the chance. I’m weird, goofy, and not afraid of letting my freak flag fly. If I’m laughing, making someone laugh, and having a good time, I do not care what other people think.

I feel incredibly grateful that my boyfriend is on my level of weird; I love him so much for it! We don’t always laugh at each others’ jokes, but we will surely make fun of each other for saying something dumb. We do silly things in public together and we are completely comfortable about it. We make each other happy, and that’s how I know he’s my person.

I laugh loudly, shamelessly, and unapologetically. I don’t try to control the type or volume of laughter that comes out of me. It might sound weird, cute, obnoxious, ridiculous, animal-like, scary, or whatever. I simply do not care. It’s my laughter and I let it happen, honestly and unfiltered, in all of its variations!

There’s no such thing as too much fun. So no, I won’t try to limit my fun. I will actively try to bring fun into everything possible, despite any negative judgement.

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