The Health Benefits of Blueberries

The Health Benefits of BlueberriesThe Health Benefits of Blueberries - Strong with Purpose

It’s common knowledge that the food we eat has a major impact on our well-being. Fresh fruits and vegetables are known for their health-enhancing properties. Blueberries in particular offer an exceptional array of health benefits.

Lower Cholesterol

High levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) can increase your risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis. When LDL is oxidized by free radicals within the body, it becomes even more dangerous, which means the risk of developing related illnesses increases even more.

Fortunately, you can reduce oxidization via your nutritional intake and blueberries contain a large number of antioxidants. By consuming them regularly, you can inhibit the oxidization process, reduce the amount of LDL in your body, and improve your cardiovascular health.

Protect Against Cancer

Oxidization doesn’t just harm LDL cholesterol, it takes a toll on a number of other cells too. DNA is routinely damaged via oxidization which contributes to the natural aging process. However, the oxidization of DNA contributes to the development of a range of diseases including cancer.

To lessen the risk of developing these illnesses, it’s vital to reduce oxidization. One of the most effective ways to do this is to eat cancer fighting foods such as blueberries. Studies have shown that consuming foods high in antioxidants can reduce damage to DNA by a significant amount. As such, you can reduce your risk of developing cancer and other diseases by including blueberries and other antioxidant-rich foods in your diet.

Enhance Cognitive Function

A decline in cognitive function is often seen as a natural part of the aging process. While this is true to an extent, it generally occurs when the brain’s aging process is artificially increased due to oxidative stress. Again, increasing the number of antioxidants in your body can prevent this damage from occurring, thus enhancing your cognitive function and preventing a future decline.

What’s even better is that consuming blueberries on a regular basis won’t just help to protect your cognitive function; it will actually improve it. Even when individuals are already experiencing symptoms associated with cognitive decline, adding blueberries to their diet can significantly improve their brain function and memory.

With so many health benefits associated with blueberries, it’s easy to see why they’re hailed as a superfood. Whether you want to maintain your health or are recovering from illness, consuming blueberries regularly can have a marked and measurable impact on your well-being.

Incorporating Blueberries into Your Diet

As well as being packed with antioxidants, blueberries are relatively low in calories and sugar. They’re a great way to get the nutrients you need without consuming excess sugar.

Enjoy them fresh as a snack, add them to your breakfast for a great start to the day, or throw them into a smoothie to increase your daily intake. No matter how you eat them, choose to incorporate blueberries—especially organic ones—into your diet regularly to maximize the benefits.

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