Song of Sophia Living School of Divine Nature

Dreams of mermaid memories.
Remembrances of Lemurian lifetimes.
Deep healing through plant medicine.

These are some of the threads that led me to the Song of Sophia Living School of Divine Nature.

In August 2019, my Akashic Records told me, “If you wish to remember more of these memories, we suggest that you meditate in the water.” Just as I was thinking about how often I meditate in the bathtub, they added, “No, actually you would benefit from meditating in the ocean…”

I found Eliza through a sweet friend I met in my Reiki level 1 class. When I saw a poster for one of Eliza’s retreats, my soul heard the call deeply. At the time, it didn’t flow into fruition. I wept with hope that one day, I would be able to join.

I settled upon immediately inviting some of her plant medicine potions into my life. These creations tasted so sweet and divine. Connecting with them felt natural and pure.

I followed along with Eliza’s writings. Her words spoke straight to my soul; her work became the main reason why I still check social media.

I saw the gorgeous photos from her retreats—of the sisters meditating in the ocean and by the ocean. Of course, of course, of course.

Toward the beginning of the pandemic, Eliza held a month-long weekly virtual medicine circle on Zoom. Through those beautiful Sundays, I felt such profound connections with Mother Earth, the plant medicines I consume, Eliza, and the other members of the circle. These afternoons were completely divine and I wished they would never end.

When I heard about Eliza expanding her offerings into a new school, I just knew I had to be a part of it.

I received the first email with introductory details and a super sweet meditation. Every cell in my body, every particle in my energy field came alive with the feeling of “YES!” A call to my soul that I answered joyfully.

The intimate details of the what, how, where, etc. didn’t matter. I told myself, “I don’t need to know.” Deep down, I just know the trust I feel will carry me to wherever I need to be, whenever I need to be there.

The process of filling out the application for early acceptance into the school was exhilarating. I could finally show up as my whole Self—all of me, in my fullness… and I was accepted exactly as I am.

I’m deeply excited to the core for what’s to come. You’ll find me singing, dancing, dreaming, and surrendering into the unknown with no conditions or expectations. 😉

Song of Sophia Living School of Divine Nature

About the Song of Sophia Living School of Divine Nature

Song of Sophia is a wombwise, plant-taught, intuitive intelligence school rebirthing the feminine essence within the greater Natura Sophia alchemy traditions of earth.

Just as much as Song of Sophia is remembering herself from ancient story, she is also alive like your body, fluid like your breath, and constantly churning by reciprocity between the Earth, the Heavens, and oracular in-between.

Song of Sophia is both the Sound AND Light of Nature.

The roots are in ancient Celtic womb shamanism along with plant communication and Lemurian Mermaid remembrances which both weave effortlessly into this lifestyle.

As it is a Living School of Divine Nature, it isn’t supposed to be just a book, or a Priestess course, or a herbalism mystery school, or only something self-studied. It is all of these put together.

Natura Sophia is firstly accessible, divinely simple, and a paradoxically lived experience. It cannot be separate from ANY aspects of you. It is a lifestyle; a complete weaving of divine will through all elements, all times & spaces, all moments of remembering, acknowledgments of uniqueness, and an honoring of both the great wounding and the rebirthing cycle, the birth & death.

Song of Sophia is an ever-deepening relationship with the preciousness of living. We are arriving to serve this tenderness together. We feel many lifetimes. We recognize ourselves as the living lineage of our primal ancestors. Our wombs and our family medicine will not be silenced.

Do you hear the call?

You can get a taste of Eliza’s medicine by listening to her free meditations on SoundCloud and visiting Song of Sophia Living School of Divine Nature to see current offerings and enrollment opportunities.

Wishing you the absolute best!


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