Sunstone Meditation

A Simple Sunstone Meditation - Strong with Purpose

Communicating with Your Sunstone

Sure, information about crystals can be helpful—but if you already have Sunstone, I encourage you spend some time with your crystal as well.

Hold it in your hands and breathe deeply, silencing your mind.
Introduce yourself to your crystal, in your mind or out loud.
Let your crystal know that you recognize them as a sovereign being, that you don’t want to project a purpose onto them, that you love and appreciate them, that you are tuning in and listening, asking what they need, asking how they would like to show up in your life.
You may be surprised at what they communicate with you. It may align in part with something on the list, or it may be completely different.

Why do all of this? Well, crystals have been programmed and enslaved by humans. It is possible for us to be in reciprocal, harmonious relationships with crystals, but that starts with the practice I described above. It requires communication and co-creation.

A Simple Sunstone Meditation

Sunstone meditation can help you feel the powers of the sun and light. With sunstone’s light, it can help clear and energize your chakras.

Hold a sunstone in your hand, palms open.

Close your eyes and breathe complete breaths.

Breathe in and out, slowing your breath.

Imagine that you are a bright light, and that your hands, arms, head, and neck glow with the brightness of this light.

Envision the light expanding and covering everything abundantly.

Feel the warmth of your skin as it glows and spreads the light.

Feel the warmness of the light as it heals your mind, body, and spirit.

During this sunstone meditation, I really felt the light and warmth of this stone across my body. After this meditation, I felt more open, positive, and optimistic.

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