11 Uses & Properties of Selenite

11 Uses and Properties of the Crystal Selenite - Strong with Purpose

Selenite is a powerful healing crystal, and it is pretty easy to find. Try not to underestimate selenite, because it can be used for many purposes–even cleansing other crystals! Just make sure not to get it wet, because selenite is water-soluble.

Communicating with Your Selenite

Sure, lists of crystal properties can be helpful—but if you already have Selenite, I encourage you spend some time with your crystal before you read the list.

Hold it in your hands and breathe deeply, silencing your mind.
Introduce yourself to your crystal, in your mind or out loud.
Let your crystal know that you recognize them as a sovereign being, that you don’t want to project a purpose onto them, that you love and appreciate them, that you are tuning in and listening, asking what they need, asking how they would like to show up in your life.
You may be surprised at what they communicate with you. It may align in part with something on the list, or it may be completely different.

Why do all of this? Well, crystals have been programmed and enslaved by humans. It is possible for us to be in reciprocal, harmonious relationships with crystals, but that starts with the practice I described above. It requires communication and co-creation.

Now, if you still want to read the list of uses and properties of Selenite, here you go! But if you feel like you don’t need the list anymore, that’s okay too! 🙂

11 Uses & Properties of Selenite

  1. Selenite is a light carrier, so you can place your selenite somewhere where it will get some sunlight.

  2. Selenite crystals can be cleansed and recharged by leaving them under the moonlight. The white light of selenite matches the white light of the moon.

  3. Selenite is a protective stone that will help keep negative energies away.

  4. Selenite is great at clearing the energy in a space.

  5. Having trouble sleeping? Place some selenite in your bedroom for a more restful sleep.

  6. Selenite’s healing energies can reduce pain, soreness, or blockages in your body by placing it on the affected body part for 30 minutes.

  7. Put selenite in each corner of your house or a room to create a safe, uplifting space.

  8. Selenite can help you stabilize your emotions and feel calm.

  9. Selenite can assist in feeling a sense of tranquility and mental clarity.

  10. You can wave a selenite wand up and down your entire body, breathing calmly, while visualizing its bright light restoring your vitality.

  11. Meditating with selenite can help you enhance your spiritual practices.

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  1. jerrilyn M broadway

    Hi just received my selenite today… Placed it in my bedroom and immediately felt calm… Took a restful nap but I’m feeling drained.. I thought I would ve worn off by now… That was two hours ago… Any feed back will be appreciated… Thanks

    1. Kristen

      Hi Jerrilyn, it sounds like your body is trying to attune to the crystal’s energy. Selenite is a very cleansing, clearing stone. It can feel dramatic if you are far out of alignment. If it feels like too much at first, you can move the selenite elsewhere until you are ready to feel it again. As you’re around the crystal for longer periods of time, you should feel an overall calmness that is less dramatic and more balancing. Best wishes to you! 💖

    2. Roger

      Place Selenite next to the head of your bed ,get some lavender and rub your pillow with it. Or just place some lavender next to bed. This should help.

  2. Katie Wood

    Just got my selenite and yes it identifies harmony, virtue, and higher awareness, and is frequently used to help with reflection and astral projection.

    1. Kristen

      Yes, selenite is such a great crystal! ✨

  3. kasey millington

    Thank You for your information.

  4. Teresa

    I just bought my Selenite at TJMaxx. I couldn’t believe they had it. As soon as I picked it up and wrapped my hand around it, I felt its energy and had to have it! I am putting one in my bedroom tonight and one in my living room. Maybe it will help my grouchy cat? Lol

  5. Lino

    i’m definitely a believer. I have two of the stones in the bed with me and when I have trouble sleeping I’ll put it on my forehead and before I know that and fell sleep. The other day I had a problem with my thumb I laid it on my thumb and the pain went away.

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