11 Uses & Properties of Amethyst

11 Uses & Properties of Amethyst - Strong with Purpose

Communicating with Your Amethyst

Sure, lists of crystal properties can be helpful—but if you already have Amethyst, I encourage you spend some time with your crystal before you read the list.

Hold it in your hands and breathe deeply, silencing your mind.
Introduce yourself to your crystal, in your mind or out loud.
Let your crystal know that you recognize them as a sovereign being, that you don’t want to project a purpose onto them, that you love and appreciate them, that you are tuning in and listening, asking what they need, asking how they would like to show up in your life.
You may be surprised at what they communicate with you. It may align in part with something on the list, or it may be completely different.

Why do all of this? Well, crystals have been programmed and enslaved by humans. It is possible for us to be in reciprocal, harmonious relationships with crystals, but that starts with the practice I described above. It requires communication and co-creation.

Now, if you still want to read the list of uses and properties of Amethyst, here you go! But if you feel like you don’t need the list anymore, that’s okay too! 🙂

11 Uses & Properties of Amethyst

  1. Amethyst is a stone of balance, stability, peace, and relaxation.

  2. Amethyst is an emotionally soothing crystal that can help reduce stress and anxiety.

  3. Amethyst can help transform impatience and anger into calmness and contentment.

  4. Amethyst can help promote clear, sober, and critical thinking.

  5. Amethyst is a great crystal to keep in your bedroom in order to promote restful sleep. An amethyst cluster sits on a small shelf next to my bed.

  6. Amethyst is said to be a protective crystal that can ward off evil, transform negativity, and prevent nightmares.

  7. Ancient Greeks claimed that carrying amethyst on a belt or in a pants pocket lessened the intoxicating effects of drinking alcohol.

  8. Amethyst is in the quartz family, which means it can be used to direct or project energy through a point.

  9. Amethyst is a great stone to bring with you on a trip because it can help provide safety and protection while traveling.

  10. Amethyst can help open and balance your crown chakra.

  11. Amethyst can aid you in divine spiritual connection and feeling a sense of connectedness with existence.

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