How to Choose Love and Connection Over Fear and Division

How to Choose Love and Connection Over Fear and Division

I asked the Akashic Records, “How can humanity overcome our current struggles with polarization of all issues and of cancel culture?” Below is the response I channeled.

The Akashic Records addressed:

  • The problems with polarization and cancel culture
  • How to shift our perspectives and utilize our most powerful forces
  • How to consistently choose love and connection over fear and division
  • How we can better focus our energy for the most significant impact
  • How to spread positive change through individual actions

How to Choose Love and Connection Over Fear and Division - Strong with Purpose

Both polarization and cancel culture create divides between: between us and them, you and them, one side and another side.

There is always this divide, and through that divide, the possibilities of connection, communication, and understanding are no longer possible.

When someone is defending their viewpoint, they close themselves off to everything else, everyone else’s perspectives, everyone else’s stories, everyone else’s truths.

The polarization of all issues has been a clever way for the harnessing of great quantities of energy. When people spend their energy focusing so strongly on one side of an issue or another, they spend their time pushing their agenda and fighting the other side. Whether that is in person throughout their normal daily interactions with family, friends, coworkers, or through more political pursuits, protests, rallies, etc., or online, through debates, fights, or spreading memes that demonize one side or the other, these are all ways that people spend their energy in this combative form of pursuit.

When you allow yourself to buy into the story that there is only left or right, you do not allow yourself to see all of the other possibilities that do indeed exist.

The way that politics and the government and the media have fueled this divide, well, they have divided humanity into two or more sides. If they get people fighting against each other, then they can turn a blind eye in some ways to what the government officials and politicians and media outlets are actually up to.

Polarizing everything is a great distraction. It is a great untruth and it is a great illusion that many people fall into. They feel that there is no other way than to choose a side, that there is no other option besides one or the other, and that is simply not true.

At what point does humanity wake up and say, “We’ve had enough. We refuse to play this game by your rules any longer.” At what point does humanity decide to join together on common grounds and demand better?

Humanity can do so much better than what it is settling for right now.

Not everything needs to be a fight. Things are far more simple than humanity is led to believe.

Love, kindness, peace, connection, understanding: these are powerful forces that can bridge opposites. These forces are far more powerful than the forces of fear, pain, division, isolation.

This is not the time to blame another. This is not the time to champion a cause in a way that is portrayed as, “We are right and you are wrong.” There is this temptation to oversimplify everything in this way: right or wrong, good or bad. It is difficult to see another’s perspective, especially when you see another causing harm in the world, causing harm to nature, animals, and other people. But truly acting in love and compassion is seeing their perspective, too. And while many of those forces and groups do have negative spirit attachments fueling their greed and their decisions, they, too, have a perspective.

They are acting out of fear. That is why they push agendas of fear because they, too, are afraid. And it makes them feel less afraid when they are instead the perpetrators, the ones who cause fear for others, rather than experiencing fear themselves. They internalize much in this way and outwardly project their fears onto the world.

Wars are caused by the fear of loss of power, the fear of losing their flavor of illusion of power that they so desperately cling to.

Love is far stronger than fear and humanity is waking up to that truth. To the truth that they have a decision in how they spend their days.

You all have a decision in what you choose to focus on, what you choose to believe, what you choose to allow in your mental space, what you choose to make a story in your life.

Humanity is going through a great awakening on the earth plane. These agendas and these narratives of fear, violence, separation will continue to exist and spread throughout popular media. But everyone must know that it is not the only truth and that it is not the only critical event happening in the world.

Cancel culture is toxic for everyone involved, absolutely everyone involved: the ones perpetrating it, the ones being attacked, the witnesses, the bystanders, and the ones sticking up for the people who are being canceled. It is a magnificent failure of social media and what is possible when people join together in a common cause. Really? This is how people are spending their time and their energy, to cancel someone?

What if, instead of having this trend of canceling, there is a trend of uplifting and of connection? Of spreading individual stories of random acts of kindness and the positivity that they have experienced in the world. The unexpected acts that they have witnessed and personally experienced. The great stories that they would not have experienced if they were 100% closed off to the outside world, if they had stereotyped someone and not started a conversation, or refused to interact with someone by the way that they looked.

The power of love and connection is so, so strong, that it bridges all gaps.

More of that needs to be in the media, in the news. It needs to be shared and spread widely.

There are many stories worth telling that are happening every day, all around the world where strangers are able to make another smile, make them question something a little bit differently. Make them have a moment of “Wow, I really wasn’t expecting to have that interaction in this place with that person. But I did, and it was pretty amazing.”

A single moment, a single interaction has so much power. So when you experience something like that in the world, write it down. Share it online. Tell another person about it.

The narrative of fear and division wants to build up walls between people, both literally and metaphorically. But to choose connection is to consciously lower those walls a little bit at a time with every action, every choice, every decision that you make.

Love will win. Connection will win. It is only a matter of how quickly humanity arrives there.

We wish that humanity will take the path of least destruction to get to that point of connection and understanding between opposites.

Ultimately, humans are all the same. Humans all want to feel love. Humans all want to feel understood and appreciated and safe, even if they are not aware of that desire. It exists at a deep level for everyone.

The narratives of fear and division are crumbling, step by step at a time. Even when it seems like they are growing stronger, that is just an illusion. They are not growing stronger. All is not lost. There is great hope being spread throughout the consciousness of humanity. Have faith in that and know that deep down, it is true.

Everyone has an individual part to play. Throughout these next coming months and years, especially with the political happenings in the world, there is this temptation to focus energy and attention on what is happening, to speak up and spread whatever your perspective is in the greater scheme of things.

All perspectives matter, but when navigating these seasons, consider putting on the lens of connection and understanding rather than the lens of fear and division.

However things happen politically, it will all be fine. That is really not what matters most.

The collective awakening will continue to happen in humanity regardless of who is in political power. So ultimately, that does not need to be the focus of all energy and attention.

There are many shifts that humanity can make that can happen outside of the government and outside of political offices. These shifts happen first in our hearts, in our minds, in our homes, communities, workplaces, online spaces. These shifts can happen by simply spreading love, compassion, truth.

There is a narrative of much darkness in the world. Choose to be the light that creates illumination and carves out a path for others to walk on.

Spread stories of love and connection. Let that be a new trend. Let that overpower the narratives of fear and division.

You are all so strong and brave. We believe in your ability to make these great shifts in small steps, in individual actions, one moment at a time, one interaction at a time, one day at a time.

We stand beside you and we support you. It is greatly important that the collective consciousness, that humanity, chooses love, peace, compassion, connection, understanding. So choose it every time you go out into the world.

Your smile is a beam of light. Your kind, funny remarks are beams of light. Your energy is a beam of light. Just believe in the possibility of all that is worthwhile in the world.

What you focus on will amplify, so focus on what is in your individual control, what is within your power, what you do have ownership of, what you can shift.

There is much that can be done when you allow yourself to see and navigate the world from this expanded perspective.

This is the most important work that can be done. We love you. We support you in any and all ways that you may need it.

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